Andrey Butenko

Software Development Portfolio


I am a dedicated student at the University of Washington, Seattle planning to study Informatics.

I go beyond code. I understand the product and the customer so that I can be more effective in my work.


The only way to genuinely address a problem is to pursue empathy: I seek to understand who I'm designing for and their unique challenges.


I have worked in mobile app development, front-end development, data analysis, and other areas.


Having established understanding and developed code, I work to inspire positive action and change. I believe technology can be used for good.


Android and React Native Developer

Samaritan · June 2018 - August 2018

Worked on high-impact user-facing features: a new onboarding sequence for first-time users, and a new community newsfeed view as the new home screen for the app.

  • Develop cross-platform React Native communication layer for navigation, login, registration, and other views to support iOS and Android developers in gradual transition to native platform code.
  • Set up Android build configurations making it faster for developers to switch server environments and to build new releases.
  • Implement new design for user onboarding experience.
  • Integrate real-time form sync functionality to minimize data loss.
  • Increased reliability of bluetooth beacon detection.

React Native Developer

Samaritan · June 2017 - December 2017

Led development of a cross-platform, user-facing app. Worked on core features including beacon detection, payments, and growth strategies. Worked with designers and marketers to create specifications for new features, and collaborated frequently with other developers to plan and implement these features.

  • Designed and implemented native Java components to interface between native bluetooth beacon detection and React Native UI.
  • Implemented features for accelerating user growth and improving interactions including donation matching, search functionality, and user referral.
  • Architected and developed new user payment flow according to updated specification. Made UX decisions inspire user confidence and trust in our payment platform.
  • Collaborated with junior developer to implement user referral feature.
  • Led implementation of company-wide solutions to common blockers. Solutions include creating a interdisciplinary channel for getting immediate feedback on work and establishing regular stand-up meetings for developers.

Front-End Web Developer

Soro Software · August 2017 - October 2017

Primarily worked with input, retrieval, and display of complex customer and inventory data.

  • Developed views to display data within business analytics software including tables and different types of charts.
  • Created reusable components for bar, line, and pie charts, including designing data structure for populating graphs.
  • Wrote database queries using GraphQL.
  • Developed forms with validation.

Android Development Intern

GiveSafe (now Samaritan) · June 2016 - August 2016

Responsible for developing the native Android app from a skeleton to a launch-ready state. Acted as lead Android developer for both citygoer and partner apps. Worked with bluetooth beacons, payment processors, and other technologies.

  • Coordinated with project lead, iOS developers, and backend developers to spec and organize feature implementation.
  • Re-wrote payment logic to support PayPal and scale to other methods using Braintree as a payment processor.
  • Migrated from ActiveAndroid to Realm for internal database.
  • Designed dynamic “What’s Next?” section to help users set up the app.
  • Designed and developed views for nearby beacons and user history.

Personal Projects


Current, since Fall 2017

This is a game to teach elementary-age students about National Parks, climate change, and what individuals can do to help.


Summer 2018

An online, real-time, multiplayer Uno game with animations, AI bots, chat, matchmaking, and friendly user interface. Uses Vue for front-end, Node for backend, and for communications between the two.

NFC Pulseoximetry

Winter 2017 - Spring 2018

Developed an Android app which computes heart rate and blood oxygen content based on IR and red light data. Data is transmitted from a measurement device to the phone wirelessly via NFC.

Pacific Northwest Climate Change

Winter 2017

Climate change is often seen as an issue that affects only far-off regions of Earth: melting ice in the Arctic, extreme flooding in isolated island-nations, and increased food insecurity throughout Africa are just some examples. But it affects us, too.

Emoji Toolkit

Winter 2017

This is a simple app to let Android users see what their emoji look like on iOS, as well as to search for and create emoji which match their skin tone.

Lyric Link

Fall 2017

A fast, seamless lyrics app. You can jump directly to lyrics for the currently-playing without typing or searching. This solves common difficulties in looking up song lyrics.

School Market

Winter 2016

An Android-native app for school clubs to raise money through a “Digital Yard Sale” which students and community members can participate in.

Yowie — Augmented Reality

Winter 2016

An augmented reality app developed using Unity and Vuforia. I modelled Boof — a character from the Yowie franchise — using Blender, then created 3 animations for him using Unity’s animation tools: idle, jump, and backflip.

Formal Wear

December 2015

An app for students in organizations like FBLA and DECA to get feedback on their formal attire. When preparing for competition, it’s easy to forget about clothes - an important element of a presentation! Formal Wear helps users get actionable feedback from others.

Multiplayer Demo

Late Summer 2015

An exploration of multiplayer. Before this project, I hadn’t done much work with Unity - the game engine powering the client - real-time networking, or terrain generation. This project was an interesting intersection of all of these topics!

Obstacle-Avoiding Car

Early Summer 2015

This project was an interesting one, as it was the first time I’d worked with robotics. The physical difficulties of construction and organization came up, as did the limitations of hardware accuracy. The end result is something I am pretty pleased with.