Budgeting Advisory Committee Website

Winter 2017

Many students have questions about the budgeting of Housing & Food Services. What do my housing payments go towards? Why are rates the way they are? This site is a quick intro to HFS budgeting!

For a long time, many students at the University of Washington were consistently dissatisfied by the lack of information surround where their housing payments go. I found myself in a unique position where I had access to this kind of financial information and direct contact with people managing the program, so I developed a website to address this issue.

To communicate my goals, I first developed a quick prototype using Vue which can be seen here.

After receiving feedback from my Informatics professor, the Residence Education webmaster, and others, I re-developed the website using straight HTML and JavaScript so that it would be suitable for use in WordPress. This intermediary version can be seen here.

After getting final approvals, I was able to publish the website on the actual University of Washington website! See it live here!

I am currently in the process of marketing this resource to residents.