Andrey's Node experiences


Summer 2018

An online, real-time, multiplayer Uno game with animations, AI bots, chat, matchmaking, and friendly user interface. Uses Vue for front-end, Node for backend, and for communications between the two.

NFC Pulseoximetry

Winter 2017 - Spring 2018

Developed an Android app which computes heart rate and blood oxygen content based on IR and red light data. Data is transmitted from a measurement device to the phone wirelessly via NFC.

Formal Wear

December 2015

An app for students in organizations like FBLA and DECA to get feedback on their formal attire. When preparing for competition, it’s easy to forget about clothes - an important element of a presentation! Formal Wear helps users get actionable feedback from others.

Multiplayer Demo

Late Summer 2015

An exploration of multiplayer. Before this project, I hadn’t done much work with Unity - the game engine powering the client - real-time networking, or terrain generation. This project was an interesting intersection of all of these topics!