Andrey's Unity experiences


Winter 2017

This is a game to educate the public about 80 accomplishable solutions to climate change using Drawdown data.

Northlands: Arctic Choices

Spring 2017

This game is based on Arctic Choices, a board game created by the Natural Capital project to help teams of participants (business leaders, government officials, etc.) to understand the benefits and consequences of business development in highly climate-sensitive environments like the Arctic Circle.

Yowie — Augmented Reality

Winter 2016

An augmented reality app developed using Unity and Vuforia. I modelled Boof — a character from the Yowie franchise — using Blender, then created 3 animations for him using Unity’s animation tools: idle, jump, and backflip.

Multiplayer Demo

Late Summer 2015

An exploration of multiplayer. Before this project, I hadn’t done much work with Unity - the game engine powering the client - real-time networking, or terrain generation. This project was an interesting intersection of all of these topics!